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You wish Evaluating and/or Improving the Sun Protection level of your products ?

We offer Suncare Protection Evaluations for your Cosmetic Products.

Contact us with the key information about the structure of your product, your UV Protection level goals and your expected Sales Areas.

We will submit a Vivo or Vitro evaluation profil in accordance with your wishes.

You wish Improving your Cosmetic Formulations ?

You progress in your developments and you are interested in our Development Laboratory advices :

For an example of formulation in accordance with your project?

To solve Technical Issues ?

To Improve the Efficacy of our Ingredients in your products ?

Vous recherchez un partenaire adapté à vos besoins d’évalYou look for the Relevant Partner to answer your Evaluation our Production Needs ?

You look for an expert to support you in :

The Marketing creation of your Cosmetic products line ?

The Cosmetic formulation development and DIP Files of your Cosmetic Formulations ?

The Production of your products in accordance with your galenic and quantities constraints ? 

> Contact our Commercial department for a first Definition of your Needs.

We will help you to Identify the partner (s) who will best accompany you to success !

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CosmAct is a Manufacturer and Distributor of Ingredients for cosmetic applications, which supports raw material and cosmetic product manufacturers in the successive steps of their Development.

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