In a favourable economic environment and an increasingly demanding regulatory environment, CosmAct's main objective is to Build, Apply and Improve a Quality Management System to better meet the different customers’ needs. To do this, the company is committed to make this policy its priority as well as to implement all the necessary equipment and human resources to make it a success.

The main Targets of CosmAct are :

·         Optimizing the level of our Products and services in a highly competitive market: Source, Time, Cost and Quality.

·         Improving constantly our Reactivity, Competitiveness and Differentiation.

·         An Active Watch, with the help of various market studies for an attractive positioning versus competition.

·         To ensure the Involvement in the Innovation and the Motivation of our staff.

·         To ensure Respect our Environmental Commitment, through our various set up actions.

In addition, CosmAct is committed to Grow while simultaneously Respecting its fundamental Values:

 > Valeur 1 : ALTERITY

As the Pioneering value and DNA of our Identity, Alterity enables CosmAct and its collaborators to Create and Move Together based on the integration and consideration of Differentiation in our Business Model. The contribution and Consideration of the Difference is a key ingredient of Success as well as a Strength that we Communicate and Share with our Clients.

> Valeur 2 : TRUST

Only Trust builds a lasting relationship. Since its creation, CosmAct has made a point of honor on Respect and Trust in its client and suppliers partnerships. This requires personalized listening which, in addition, stimulates dialogue, cohesion and a good understanding of expectations. It is in this state of mind that we optimize our collaborations.

CosmAct trusts in the Future. "The future is not foreseen, it is getting ready" (Jean-Louis Guigou), it is by drawing from this Approach that we work and ensure that our Future is I accordance with the one we aspire to, Together.

> Valeur 3 : EXPERTISE

Key factor of Success, Expertise is an indefectible criterion in the know-how and know-how-to-be of the company. We are rigorous in all our steps and we place ourselves in a process of Expertise for all the products and services we offer. Performance promotes effective and sustainable support.

> Valeur 4 : PASSION

Proximity and the sense of common interest that reigns within the CosmAct team resonates with our various customers. The passion for our sector of activity, gives us the motivation to Raise new Challenges and to push back our limits. It is this same passion that drives us to maximize the satisfaction of our customers and allows us to serve them better.

> Valeur 5 : Boldnes

Our passion allows us to be bold and to demonstrate innovation. Linked to our environment, in constant evolution and in search of novelty, we are always ready to accept new Challenges and to take risks. Autonomy and Curiosity allow everyone in the company to participate in our Development with Strength and Courage. Thus, CosmAct feeds its diversification and remains Competitive to bring New Resources to its customers.


Our Behaviors and Interactions with our Clients, Suppliers and Teams are based on our Values.


About CosmAct

CosmAct is a Manufacturer and Distributor of Ingredients for cosmetic applications, which supports raw material and cosmetic product manufacturers in the successive steps of their Development.

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