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CosmAct is a flexible and responsive structure that supports raw materials and cosmetics manufacturers in the successive steps of their development. To reach these goals, CosmAct has chosen to be and to remain a Light Structure, in order to bring a necessary Reactivity and Flexibility to implement case by case solutions in the cosmetics world.

Partnerships in key cosmetic areas :

Based in the Paris region, CosmAct has set up numerous collaborations with raw materials and ingredients Manufacturers as well as Experts chosen for their Competence and Reactivity in the key areas of cosmetics production:• The scientific research
• Expertise in formulation and / or production of cosmetic products
• Evaluating the effectiveness, quality and reliability of cosmetic ingredients and finished products
• International cosmetic regulations
• Manufacture of cosmetic products in small and large series

A logistics organization at the best level :

In order to ensure the highest level of logistical services for its customers, COSMACT works with the Tramar / BLD Cies in Le Havre for both the storage and the transportation. Thanks to their large storage capacities and their diversity in services, COSMACT can store and deliver its ingredients according to the specific needs of its customers in France and also internationally


CosmAct assists cosmetics manufacturers in five key directions :

1/ The identification of raw materials and active ingredients necessary for the creation and innovation needs of cosmetic laboratories,
2/ Matching raw materials and active ingredients with the technical and regulatory needs of the global cosmetics market,
3/ Support in the selection and implementation of ingredients in research, development and production,
4/ Support in the validation of finished products from formulation to production,
5/ An organization of supplies and deliveries in accordance with the needs of the companies..

About CosmAct

CosmAct is a Manufacturer and Distributor of Ingredients for cosmetic applications, which supports raw material and cosmetic product manufacturers in the successive steps of their Development.

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