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CosmAct is committed to set up an Efficient and Perennial Collaboration in providing all the tools to make your Experience Unique.

CosmAct Cosmetics

Values of our cosmetic ingredients

Our Values

Alterity, Trust, Expertise, Passion and Boldness; they are the Cement of our Identity!

the best of your cosmetic ingredients

Our Objectives

Building, Applying and improving a Quality Management System... for our Customers!

Quality cosmetic ingredients

Our Qualities

Available, Applied, Meticulous, ...

Cosmetic cosmetics: cosmetic ingredients


A Specialist in Cosmetic Ingredients and your Best Asset for your Cosmetic Projects...

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Our commitments for the manufacture of organic cosmetics


CosmAct is committed to making you its Priority and does everything possible to make your Experience Unique.

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The Best of Your Cosmetic Ingredients

Cosmetic Ingredients prepared with Care throughout the chain. Based in the Paris region, CosmAct has set up numerous collaborations with raw materials and ingredients Manufacturers as well as Experts chosen for their Competence and Reactivity in the key areas of Cosmetic Products Creation.

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CosmAct Cosmetics

Cosmetic ingredients - Cosmact

Quality Cosmetic Ingredients!

CosmAct is a Manufacturer and Distributor of Ingredients for cosmetic applications, which supports raw materials and cosmetic products Manufacturers in the successive steps of their Development.

To achieve these objectives, CosmAct has chosen to be and to remain a Light Structure, in order to bring a necessary Reactivity and Flexibility to implement case by case solutions in the cosmetics world.

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Find out in Real-Time our newest Innovations for Cosmetic Ingredients.


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Cosmetic evaluation in France


We offer Suncare Protection Evaluations for your Cosmetic Products. Contact us with the key information about the structure of your product, your UV Protection level goals and your expected Sales Areas.
We will submit a Vivo or Vitro evaluation profile in accordance with your wishes.

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Formulations des ingrédients cosmetiques en france


VYou progress in your developments and you are interested in our Development support Laboratory advices ::
To get an example of formulation in accordance with your project?
To solve Technical Issues ?
To Improve the Efficacy of our Ingredients in your products ?

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You look for an expert to support you in :
The Marketing creation of your Cosmetic products line ?
The Cosmetic formulation development and DIP Files of your Cosmetic Formulations ?
The Production of your products in accordance with your galenic and quantities constraints ?

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Our offices are located in Eragny on the banks of the river Oise (95), 30 minutes from Châtelet.
Our Storage and Delivery site is located in Le Havre (76)


Tél: +33 1 30 39 86 73

Fax: +33 9 72 16 37 59


13 rue de Pierrelaye, 95610 ERAGNY sur OISE


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About CosmAct

CosmAct is a Manufacturer and Distributor of Ingredients for cosmetic applications, which supports raw material and cosmetic product manufacturers in the successive steps of their Development.

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